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Marie-Françoise DEPREZ has got her 3rd degree DAFA (from the French National Horticultural Society -SNHF). She is also a Floral Art teacher and a national judge.

She has found a passion for photography and now takes most of her pictures herself.

"To me, Floral Art is not only a means of expression, but also a refuge.
The hours spent in my workshop, surrounded with flowers, brunches and leaves, free my imagination, and allow me to find a innermost energy; verging on serenity.

What a joyful thing to work with empty space, lines, colours, materials in order to create an original structure, in the hope of surprising, pleasing, innovating, escaping and dreaming...

In order to introduce myself, I would like to use the Chinese Portrait technique:

if I were a thing, I would be a bubble to be able to float,
if I were a flower, I would be a poppy because of its fragility and its colour,
if I were a colour, I would be red for Love,
iI I were a sound, I could be an outburst of laughter,
iI I were a texture, I would be a cloud, a cirrus, so hard to keep in a close space.

It is very important for me to be always looking for new ways of progressing, improving my technique, which rouses my creativity. This imposes a new look of nature, observing everything around us, in the hope of finding a new idea.

I also like the tactile relation, the touch of the material and the technical challenge generated by some compositions. I share all these exiting sensations with my students; precious moments, real source of friendship and inspiration."

Marie Françoise DEPREZ

Author of the book "Fantaisie Florale" 2012
Author of the book "Floral Love" 2010
Author of the book  "Table Design" 2008
Author of the book  "Passion Florale" 2006
Author, in collaboration with her students, of the book "Jeux de Fleurs" 2006
She took part of the realisation of several books from the SNHF "bouquets en France" and "La France et ses bouquets"

She organised the International Floral Art Competitions of Bourg-en-Bresse during the "Floralies", which attracted more than 100 000 visitors each time.
- in 2006, with the theme : "Flower and Light"
- in 2003, with the theme : "Flower and Picture"
- in 2000, with the theme : "Flower and Perfume"

She received the Gold Medal, Best of the Show and Public Price during the international Competition in Brussels in 2005.

She represented France in Toronto (Canada) en 2002 and received the Gold Medal and the Price : Best of the Show.

She received a Gold Medal during the International Competition in Brescia (Italy) in 2002, and the Price of Originality.

Gold Medal and Price of Originality in Brussels in 1999
Bronze Medal in Monaco 1999
Gold Medal in Monaco 1999
First Price in Levallois (Paris) in 1997
Gold Medal in Brussels in 1997



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